Are you longing to feel at home, safe and present in your own body?

The body knows.

And we find the answers in the body, not in the mind. But for us to discover them we first need to recreate our connection to the body. We need to travel down from the head and all the thoughts, down to the body and the breath. Create a safe place to ground, feel and be in, and connect with the wisdom that lives right there within you.

I'm here to guide you back home to your body.

Courses & workshops

Yin & Hatha yoga

I teach courses and workshops in yin and hatha yoga. I'm a certified 200 hours hatha yoga teacher and have done further studies in yin yoga.

To establish awareness in the body is the most important thing in my yoga classes. We focus on the breath and move from a place of kindess and care, what does your body need today?

I guide you into finding a safe place in your own body. A place where you can rest and move from. You come away from your mind and can settle in your body. Slowly, intuitively and allowingly.

Workshops in

Intuitive movement

Intuitive and free movement and dance have changed my life. That is why I want to share this with you!

I want to invite you to a safe space where your unique movements are welcome just as they are. Where it doesn't matter how you look or sound; your own experience and connection with yourself is the only thing that matters. How does your body want to move if you allow it to lead you?

There we stand with the answers in the body, only searching in the mind.


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