Hello dear,

I am so happy you found your way here! My name is Nathalie Aurén and I'm an abstract artist and creative entrepreneur living in the small town Jakobstad in Finland. I live here with my partner, his daughter, our dog Simba and cat Oliver.

I have been expressing myself creatively my whole life. As a child I drew and wrote stories all the time, and in my early twenties I got my degree in graphic design and founded my own business. During the same time I found my first creative love, food photography. I fell head over heels in love the process of making and photographing delicious food, I was so passionate about it that it within a few years became a part of my work as an entrepreneur.

Regardless of all this, I never saw myself as an artist, not at all. But then I discovered abstract painting in 2019, and everything changed.

If food photography was my first creative love, abstract painting is my deepest. I have never experienced such a joy and complete freedom as I do when I immerse myself in the creative process of abstract painting. I connect to my heart and soul when I paint.

I rarely plan anything before I start painting. I let my intuition guide me to what colors to use and how they want to express themselves on the blank canvas. I choose to focus more on the process rather than the end result, and that gives me so much more space to play and explore.

This makes every single painting session a practice in how I handle life itself with all its ups and downs. The empty canvas becomes my own mirror and shows me exactly what I need to release and heal within me in that moment.

Being on this artists journey is still very new to me, but I have a deep feeling of being at home. When painting came into my life I found a piece of myself that I had forgotten all about. I found that little girl who just wanted to play and create, she who was free and filled with life. I was born to do this, I was born to be an artist.

I deepest desire is to share the beauty I see and create with the world, and hopefully contributing to making our planet a more beautiful place to walk on.

At the moment my medium of choice is acrylics, but I'm constantly exploring new techniques and mediums. Play and joy are the key words leading me forward on this creative journey.

I choose to belive that every single one of my creations has a true owner and home somewhere out there. Someone who the painting is made for and who can receive the unique message from that painting. If you feel called to one of my paintings, please reach out to me and we can discuss it further. Maybe I made that piece for YOU? And if you would like me to create a custom made painting for you and your home with your colors of choice, you're more than welcome to contact me.

Much love,

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