I am here to follow
my heart, walk my own
path and trust life.

And I want to inspire you to do the same; in your own, unique way.

I'm so happy you are here!

My name is Nathalie Aurén, I’m a creative, Swedish speaking Finn living in Jakobstad, Finland. I live here in our old, light blue house together with my life partner Joonas, his 9 year old daughter, our dog Simba and our cat Oliver.

Ten years ago when I founded my business I started dreaming about one day running my ‘soul and heart’ driven business. To be able to combine my many passions into different services and work with what I love on a daily basis. Already then I had a clear vision on what I would do, but I had no idea how that would come about.

To express myself creatively and at the same time help others follow their dreams was the core in my vision.

Over the years I, my life and what I’ve done in my business have changed many times. I’ve explored and tried my way forward, I’ve failed and been totally surprised by unexpected plot twists. I’ve done major changes in my life, I’ve repeatedly stepped into the unknown and I’ve gone through some serious health challenges.

Life has truly showed me the way,

and now, looking back, I know every part of my journey has served its purpose.

Today I work as a coach, artist, creator and yoga teacher; my vision came true. I love guiding other women in finding their true selves and daring to follow their hearts’ longings. To connect with the body, your creativity and inner wisdom are for me important pieces on the journey of stepping into your full power.

I want to see you shine and life your life fully.

Why? Because I wholeheartedly believe that is why we are here. That's what we all came for.

And I know it’s when I’ve had the courage to let go of what isn’t my true self, when I’ve dared to open up for new possibilities and when I’ve walked my own path that I’ve felt most alive, free and in connection with my truest Self.

This is not only rainbows and butterflies, though. It takes courage, trust and commitment to walk this path.To walk your path and to find your true self is a life long journey, and if you want me to I’m more than happy to walk with you for a while.

I offer

intuitive coaching, tailored lectures, workshops and courses in intuitive painting, yoga and movement. I'm a trained life coach and yoga teacher.

I also create abstract paintings and do commissions for you who are searching for a totally unique piece of artwork for your home.

Graphic design and food photography are also part of what I do, that was how my business started when I studied graphic design 10 years ago.

As you might notice, I serve in many different ways, and over the years I’ve sometimes experienced that as slightly overwhelming. Now it feels like I’ve finally found a holistic way to tie all my passions together that not only brings me a lot of joy and meaning, but also gives YOU great value if you in one way or another choose to take part in what I offer.

Thank you for being here. If you feel drawn to me and my work you are so welcome to get in touch. I’m here for you!


As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.


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