1:1 sessions in intuitive painting

For you who are ready to take your creative expression to the next level

Come and paint with me!

Do you want individual guidance on your creative journey? Do you want to learn more about techniques and mindsets in the field of intuitive and abstract painting? Do you long for a deeper connection with your intuition and your trust in the process?

It would be an honour to paint together with you.

During my private sessions in intuitive painting YOU are the one in focus. We deep dive in your creativity and unique expression, and also in the blockages and fears that maybe are stopping you from letting go and trusting the process fully.

Suitable for both beginners and more advanced creatives.

For you who want to go ALL IN!

1:1 sessions in intuitive painting

We begin our time together by dropping into the body through relaxation, movement and/or meditation.

I tell you more about abstract and intuitive painting, show a few techniques and you are welcome to share your specific needs and questions. What is it you want to take with you from this session, what are your challenges?

Then our journey in the world of paint and brushes begins! We paint for about 1-1,5 hours, we allow the process to show us the way. During the journey we discuss and work with whatever arises in you.

At the end we look at what you experienced and what you will take with you on your creative journey forward.

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