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What does it mean to live a creative life?

When you hear the word creativity you might think about expressing oneself creatively through different forms of art. That is for sure a big part of being creative, but creativity also holds SO much more.

Creativity is our human gift of thinking in new ways. To solve problems and see new possibilities. When we express our creativity we catch an idea from the invisible thought world and bring it into our reality; we literally create things from nothing.

Creativity is our life force, our desire to live. The inspiration to grow, learn and create. To follow the inner voice and to dare to try new, unknown paths. To find new solutions and to open new doors, without knowing what is waiting on the other side.

We all have this force within us, but sometimes it needs to be awakened, nourished and slowly called forward. It needs attention and love, and sometimes also healing.

This is for you who are curious about discovering and deepening your relationship with YOUR creative ability.

I look forward sharing this with you!

Tuesday 14th March at 10 am (EET)

+ Monday 13th March at 6 pm (in Swedish)

During the workshop you’re invited to explore and awaken your creativity through movement, mediation and journaling.

I will share my insights about living a creative life and how we can reconnect with our unique creative ability.

In the end of the workshop I will also share about my upcoming offers where the focus is on you and your creativity.

Who am I?

My name is Nathalie. Creativity is for me a way of living. I’ve expressed myself creatively my whole life and the last 10 year creativity has played a big role in my work life. And not just in my work! My desire and passion to create has made my life richer life and helped me to find my way back to myself and my joy for life when life have been though.

Thanks to me daring to find my own paths, consistently creating new things and sharing them with the world I’ve learnt quite a lot about the creative process. How it supports our healing and helps us to connect with our inner source, and also challenges us to meet our shadows and what stops us from fully living.

I’m here to help you help yourself to connect with your unique creative power. I work as a coach, an artist and creative teacher and I’m passionate about seeing you fully step into your creative potential.

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