Discover the joy, freedom and
power in your creative ability.

You are born to create.

All of us are born with the gift of expressing ourselves creatively. We have art within us that is just waiting to be expressed and shared with the world. We are here to create, be touched and touch others with what we create from our hearts. May it be through music, poetry, painting, beautiful gardens or any kind of creative expression. You have it within you.

I guide you into connection with your unique expression.

Courses & workshops in

Intuitive & abstract painting

I've painted together with hundreds of people and I know everyone can paint in this liberating and allowing way.

I know everyone have it within them to lose themselves in the magical world that opens up when time and space disappear. When the only things that exist are the colors, the shapes and the intuitive impulses of creativity.

I want to inspire you to open the doors to a wonderful world of deep healing, peace of the soul and sparkling colors. You are warmly welcome to come and paint together with me!

Pssst! I also offer recreation days for companies and organisations, as well as tailored workshops for private groups like bachelorette parties and baby showers. Get in touch and we can create the best experience for you!

You are the art.

Angela Miller


Abstract original paintings

I discovered abstract painting in 2019, and since then it has changed my life. I've found a creative expression that can take me deeper and set me free in a way no other artistic practice have done before.

Thanks to abstract painting I came back home to my inner artist.

My paintings are powerful with movement and flow, I love to paint with strong colors, but also in natural earthy tones. I paint with acrylics and often mix my paint with water to create intuitive movement and flow in my works.

I hope for my paintings to fill you and your home with energy and joy for life.


Do you find a painting that speaks to you?

You're welcome to email me and I'll give you all the details about the painting(s). I'm also open for commissioned pieces.

The Universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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