Waves Of Divine Change │ 145x90cm

Acrylic and modeling paste on canvas
145 x 90 cm (70 x 90 cm / painting)

Waves of Divine Change is a large painting with a lot of movement, detail and flow.

The creation process started already in the summer of 2023 and ended in February 2024. During the same time I got pregnant with my first baby. That is why the painting holds the strong message of allowing change and trusting the process. Everything has its divine timing, as both the creation of a painting and to carry a baby reminds us of.

The painting is created in many shades of blue, warm peach and shimmering gold. The painting has a lot of captivating details thanks to the organic movement of the colors and the varying texture in the background.

Important for international shipping! This painting can NOT be shipped in a roll due to its sensitive texture. Kindly contact me BEFORE purshase if you live outside of Finland.

Price includes 10% VAT for buyers in Finland. Shipping costs will be added at check out. 

Signed and varnished.

Please contact me if you prefer to pay via invoice.


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