for the soul

IntuitiVe Abstract Art

by Nathalie Aurén

I wish to fill your home, your life and your heart with bursting colors, aliveness, play and joy. I wish that my art lights you up and give you as much joy as it gave me while I created it. I trust that every single one of my paintings has a true owner somewhere out there, someone who can receive the message from that unique painting. Maybe you are one of them?


do I paint?

Painting makes me feel alive and free and fills me with joy.

I painted my first abstract painting in 2019, and I fell in love immediately. When I paint and completely immerse myself into the process, nothing else exists. It is just me, the colors, the empty canvas and my intuition. I connect to my heart and soul when I paint. I trust the process of not knowing where the journey will end, the only thing that matters is the present moment. Painting makes me feel alive, free and filled with pure joy.

Do you find a piece that speaks to your heart?

You're warmly welcome to send me an email, and I'll let you know more about pricing and shipping. I'm also open for commissions, just be in touch and we'll talk!

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