1:1 coaching program

The Path

A 90 day journey for women who want to walk their true path

Connect with your vision.

Find clarity on who you are and what truly matters for you.

Walk your Path, and make your vision your reality.

This is a Path to finding clarity, trust and freedom; all within yourself and in your life. When you walk your Path, you are fully you. You are connected to yourself, your needs and your heart’s deepest longings. When walking your Path, you come home to your true Self; again, again and again.

Walking your Path is all about living a life that is true for you. Maybe you don’t always know where you’ll end up, but you’re taking one step at a time, trusting that you’re moving in the right direction.

Join me on a journey into the unknown. Together we will explore your current life situation, where are you now and where do you want to be? In partnership we will dig deep to find the answers you are looking for, the answers that will take you on your true Path, and keep you steady while walking it. Step by step you will take action to come closer to your vision and create the life you’re truly longing for.

Walking your Path is a walk of a lifetime. Are you ready to find out where your is going to take you?

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This is not for you if...

What is included?

+ two bonuses!

You get 3 live online yoga classes. You can attend live or watch the recordings, available until 31st May. The purpose for the yoga classes is to balance your yin & yang; your feminine and masculine energies. All classes are gentle and allowing, based on embodiment, yinyoga and/or soft Hatha yoga. No prior exeprience is needed. Classes are in English. Time: 6-7 pm (Helsinki) first Sunday every month: 6th March, 3d April & 1st May

Get your own copy of my new e-book “Balance your feminine & masculine energies”

Are you ready to claim your Path?

We begin in the end of February!

Book a free 30 min discovery call where we'll get to know each other and find out if this is the right program for you. I'll share all the details with you, like investment, payment plans and structure of the program etc. And you can ask me all your questions!


Who am I?

Hi there, my name is Nathalie. I'm a sensitive finnish-swede living in Jakobstad, Finland. I've been an entrepreneur for the last 9 years, working full time since 2018. In my business I follow what lights me up, it's important for me to do what I love and what I feel moved by. I work as an artist, coach, graphic designer and yoga teacher.

Supporting other women in finding their true path is one of my deepest callings. I truly believe we all are born with our unique gifts and are here to share them with the world. I love to see you thrive, deepen your connection with your true Self and make your dreams your reality.

I'm a trained coach by ICF and Coach Companion. I also have a 200h yoga teacher certificate plus additional trainings in yin yoga.

I love to paint, dance and spend time in nature. Deep connection, learning new things and growing as a soul here in this human life is truly important for me. Beautiful flowers, books , snuggles with my dog, and a good laugh makes me really, really happy.


In coaching we always focus on where you are now and where you are going. In psychotherapy the focus often is more on the past and to process traumas, experiences and wounds. Coaching is a partnership where we explore together, you are the driver who takes action and the coach is your support along the way.

You can book a free 30 min discovery call where you’ll get to know everything you need about the program. There we will both have a chance to feel into if we’re the right match for each other. If we are, yaay! Then you’re welcome to sign up through the sign up form I’ll send you. If not, no worries! There is absolutely no pressure for you to sign up after our discovery call. Listen to your intuition, it knows!

Please book a free discovery call and I’ll share ALL the details with you!

The program begins in the end of February. We meet up during 12 weeks and close our collaboration in the end of May. We have 10 sessions + 3 bonus online yoga classes!

Are you ready to find and walk your own Path?

I hope I see you! xo Nathalie